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Make Your Open Boat Tour Engaging With Whale Watching Tours

open boat tour
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  • January 2, 2020
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There are various ways of planning a holiday or even a part of it. You can enjoy holidays with different activities and entertainment. However, these are all part of land activities that are commonly available and enjoyed several times over. There are also plenty of options available for the seas and the rivers.
There are some of the most beautiful destinations and picturesque settings available on the many rivers, lakes and seas of the world. Now, make your holidays wonderful on an open boat tour.
There are evening parties and sunset tours that can be arranged for a blissful experience in the open boat tour. There are destinations in the world that have a complete package of a boat ride with arrangements of a party.
If you only have a small amount of time to go for a holiday then one of the easiest and most convenient tours you can take is the Open Boat Tour. These tours allowing you to visit many places, which you may not see or discover otherwise.

Open Bar Facility

The open boat tour includes an open bar. This open bar is full of water, coffee, soda, juice, smoothies, cocktails, beer, wine, tequila and more.
There are different sizes of the boats that are on offer depending on the size of the partying groups and all that you wish to include on it for the party.
All arrangements for the planned tour and the time along with a professional driver of the boat will be provided for.
All-inclusive is included in this open boat tour. You get complimentary breakfast, snacks and a variety of lunch.
Breakfast: You get seasonal and fresh fruits, delicious muffins and sweet caramel rolls.
Snacks: You get vegetable and fruit salad, pretzels, guacamole and potato chips.
Lunch: You get a variety of options like you can choose Pasta, chicken sandwich & green salad or Vegetarian sandwich and a green salad or Roast beef sandwich with potato salad and green salad and even gluten-free food!

Sports Activities

In the open boat tour, you can enjoy the various water activities for all age groups. Water activities on the tour make it more pleasing and enjoyable. The water activities include swimming, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and much more!

Whale Watching Tour

 Whale Watching

Of course, you are not likely to see too many whales in a classroom or lecture hall, so sooner or later you are going to be on the boat and out at sea. The type of vessel used will vary, depending upon the tour you are on and whereabouts in the world you are. All vessels will, however, conform to full international safety standards, as your safety and comfort will be of paramount importance.
In the case of some larger tours, the vessels themselves are also larger and may include luxury accommodation so that you can spend as much time as possible at sea whale watching. These types of vessels may also have on-board classrooms and educational facilities.
So, if you would like to see some of the most incredible animals in the world, in the wild where they should be, whale watching tours may well be worth further consideration.

Best Month for Whale Watching

To experience whales in their natural habitat by taking a whale watching tour could be the one and only chance you have to do so. This makes it important to make the experience count.  Get the most for you money spent and make sure you book the tour from the month of December till the end of March. As this is the best season to experience the beautiful nature mammals.

Open Boat Tours

open boat tours

Open Boat tours are indeed safe. Your tour guide will do a quick run-through on the basics of boat safety and should have the proper lifesaving equipment on board.
Visitors do not need to worry so much about the safety aspect. A good whale watching tour is not a speed test on the open water, it is a gentle meander, if you will, out on the open sea, and the more care and patience one practices out there, the better your chances of having the best sightings will be.
The idea is not to disturb the beautiful animals, agitate them or invade their space, but to have the chance to observe them and their behavior in their natural habitat.
Our tour guides respect the animal’s space, and will not go closer than regulations allow and will not allow human interaction with the creatures. Visitors must take plenty of photographs and enjoy the wonderful and spectacular privilege out with these gentle giants of the sea.
On the boat trips to Puerto Vallarta, you not only experience the whales but also take the pleasure of the beautiful sunset.
Many people might associate boating holidays with peace, tranquillity and a relaxed pace of life. But such breaks can offer plenty of opportunities to take part in exciting activities that really get your pulse racing.
A Sayulita boat tour throws up the chance to get closer to nature as the area is home to rare flora and fauna. But when you venture off your boat onto dry land why not experience the natural landscape first hand with a sailing experience?
To know more in detail about any tour, visit us!

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