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FUN FACTS You Should Know About Humpback Whales Before You Join A Chica Locca Tour

Fun fact # 1:  Humpbacks are big!
Humpbacks whales are one of the largest animals on earth. Adults can reach up to eighteen meters, females are larger than males. Adults can weigh twenty-five to forty tons, the size and weight of a fire truck, and newborn whales are four and a half meters long and weigh a ton.

Fun fact # 2: Humpbacks have hair.
Each lump on the head of  humpback whale hides a hair follicle. It turns out that they contain hair, sensitive bristles, like the whiskers of a cat, that perhaps feel the vibrations of other animals. These hairs are remnants from the ancestral past of whales: a mammal is by definition a warm-blooded animal with hair; mammary glands and lungs.

Fun Fact # 3: Humpback whales cannot hold their breath under water.
Fish have gills to absorb the oxygen from water, but whales, like us, need to return to the surface continuously to breathe air.  The lungs of whales and their blood have adapted to breathe oxygen and pass it throughout the animal body.  Thus the whale does not become a balloon full of air; that would prevent it from sinking under the sea.

Fun Fact # 4: Whales can use up to 90% of the oxygen in the air they breathe, compared to 15% for humans.  Whales are “conscious respirators”. Even when they are resting, they are paying attention to their breathing and their surroundings. They are never in deep sleep and must constantly come out to breathe to the surface. Half of your brain rests, while the other half stays alert.

No wonder whales are so awesome! 

If you’d like to see them up-close, join us on a  Chica Locca Boat Tour for the adventure of a lifetime, and experience the magical destinations of Puerto Vallarta’s Jewel, Banderas Bay.

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