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“The Chica Sailing ADVENTURE is my baby and I have lovingly designed her specifically for lounging with plush pillows and cushions and plenty of shade (there is a huge tarp directly over the middle of the boat and another in the back that both give maximum coverage) so you and your guests can enjoy every destination in supreme luxury.” – Gil

Chica Sailing ADVENTURE’s Awesome Amenities Include:

  • Maximum comfort (shade, pillows, cushions)
  • Kayaks with all the safety gear
  • Splashing Nets
  • Bathroom
  • Paddle boards
  • Fishing area & fishing gear
  • Snorkeling & equipment
  • Great sound system
  • Fresh Seasonal locally Sourced Food
  • Premium Open Bar

Chica Sailing ADVENTURE accommodates up to 25 Guests, on Private Tours.

Chica Sailing ADVENTURE is a fast, comfortable, very stable 45′ x 25′ trimaran, and the newest addition to our growing fleet.
This sleek sailboat has lounging areas with comfy pillows and cushions, spaces for relaxing and enjoying your time on the bay.

Our fabulous Chica Sailing Adventure

The best sailing adventure to experience in this wonderful place. Our sailboat have plenty of shade, pillows and cushions to enjoy the sailing tour to one of our great destinations in the Banderas Bay.
Enjoy this beautiful tour with a lovely all-inclusive service.
ALL our wonderful open and private tours of Chica Locca are ALL INCLUDED. That means, our complimentary open bar is always full of water, coffee, soda, juices piña colada, margaritas, beer, tequila, wine, and so much more mix drinks and Chica Locca special cocktails, whatever you choose to drink, we have it all!

Beside the Open Bar we serve delicious food!
Your Tour starts with a continental Breakfast which includes an assortment of fresh seasonal fruits, delicious muffins, caramel rolls and various hot and cold beverages. Snacks include our famous guacamole and chips, fruit & veggies.

You can choose your own amazing lunch and this are the great choices:
Chicken Sandwich, Pasta & Green Salad, Roast Beef Sandwich, Vegetarian Sandwich and Green Salad, Vegan and Gluten Free Options! There is always a option to customize and change the menu if needed. Our Chica Locca team is here to help you with other options we provide in our tours.

This is not all, you can enjoy all our amazing activities, from snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing (equipment included), tubbing, swimming, our famous water tube behind the boat and playing with the best water toys for children of all ages, all for FREE. Relax on our floating cushions and let our crew swim beverages to you!

The beginning of December until the end of March we have our amazing whale watching season. We see the whales in all our tours. Private tours, open tours, full day tours and our wonderful sunset tours to all destinations. The dolphins are with us all year.

The best and most luxury boat tours of the bay! Enjoy this wonderful experience with your friends, family and partner. A amazing experience of your stay in the Banderas Bay.

Chica Locca Tours offers two types of tours.

A variety of OPEN TOURS you can select from or a PRIVATE TOUR specifically designed to your needs. Please start by selecting your preferred type of tour…