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Our fabulous Chica Sailing Adventure 

“The Chica Sailing ADVENTURE is my baby and I have lovingly designed her specifically for lounging with plush pillows and cushions and plenty of shade (there is a huge tarp directly over the middle of the boat and another in the back that both give maximum coverage) so you and your guests can enjoy every destination in supreme luxury.” – Gil

Chica Sailing Adventure

Our Chica sailing Adventure private tour includes great amenities:

  • Fishing gear and fishing area
  • Comfortable and colorful pillows and cushions
  • Kayaks with all the safety gear
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Open bar with a great sound system to enjoy
  • Fresh seasonal food

Chica Sailing ADVENTURE accommodates up to 25 Guests, on Private Tours.

Choose Your Destination

Tour Type: Our fabulous Chica Sailing Adventure private tour
Destination: Check for our amazing Locations
Schedule: Choices up to 4 hours or up to 7 hours
Departs: Marina in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle or any Marina or pier in the bay. We come to you.
Meeting point: Chica Locca Sayulita office and Marina La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.
Description: Check the availability for this amazing adventure. The best sailing adventure to experience in this wonderful place with the best crew in the bay. Our sailboat has plenty of shade, pillows and cushions to enjoy the sailing tour to any of our great destinations in the Banderas Bay.
We have an extraordinary adventure waiting for you! Enjoy this beautiful tour with a lovely all-inclusive service.Now, experience the wonderful place with the best crew in the bay. The colorful pillows and cushions add beauty to our sailboat. At the private tour, you get an option to customize and change the menu. Our chica sailing private tour team will assist you.
Our Chica Sailing Adventure is a collection of remarkable services and we deliver them with unparalleled quality, dedication and professionalism. It offers a view of the crystal clear night sky scattered with stars like almost nowhere else in Los Arcos. The multi-colored pillows and cushions for lounging make the boat more colorful. On Private tours, our Chica sailing adventure can accommodate up to 25 guests. Now, enjoy every destination in supreme luxurious form.
Here, you can enjoy the free bar service with a great sound system. The bar is full of water, coffee, soda, smoothies, beer, tequila, cocktails, margaritas and more. This tour is not only about drinks, here you can explore a lot more activities like snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, swimming etc.
There is always an option to customize and change the menu by request for private tours. Our Chica Locca team is here to provide you with these delicious options.
Now enjoy a boat tour with our complimentary bar services. Our open bar includes all sort of drinks like wine, beer, tequila, cocktails, smoothies, juices, coffee and of course cold or hot water. You simply name the drink and we will serve you!
With the drinks, you can enjoy all our water sports also. In this tour, you get amazing activities that make the trip enjoyable. The activities are fishing, swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking and more for all age groups.
If you are here in the month of December till March, then you get the chance to watch whales on the tour. As from the month of December to March is the best and the official season to watch whales.
Make a plan accordingly!

Adults | 7 hours Private Tour
$90 USD per person

Adults | 4 hours Private Tour
$70 USD per person

Kids (4-10 years) | 7 hours Private Tour
$50 USD per person

Kids (4-10 years) | 4 hours Private Tour
$40 USD per person

Toddlers 0 to 3 years old

Cancellation policy:
30 Days Notice Reschedule Credit

Chica Locca Tours offers two types of tours.

A variety of OPEN TOURS you can select from or a PRIVATE TOUR specifically designed to your needs. Please contact us and let us know which tour you would prefer.

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