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All boats & tours can host private groups or open

Mariettas Islands

Day Trip To National Park

Perhaps, the best-kept secret of coastal Mexico, the hidden beach on the isle is a place worth exploring.

The incredible beach – untouched and uninhabited – captivate visitors to call it a paradise unparalleled. A photo at the island is worth becoming an instant hit on Instagram.

+ Includes whale watching!

* To add the hidden beach option please contact for information and availability

Yelapa Falls

The Hippie Town Tour

A 7-hour all-inclusive trip, the tour brings you to one of the most marvelous places that inspire every touristic sense.

A quaint fishing village with a white sandy beach of sapphire waters ensnares visitors. Magical pathways crisscrossing rolling hillside and sandy forests takes you to the imposing Yelapa Falls. Enchant with a trip from salty ocean to fresh waters off the cliff.

+ Includes whale watching!

Los Arcos Islands

Hit Snorkeling Paradise

Got into our 5-hour all-inclusive tour of Los Arcos and dive down the sea to experience enchanting snorkeling.

Surrounded by stunning cliffs off the Puerto Vallarta Coast, it is the unmatched place to swim with fishes, octopuses, rays, and colorful marine heritage. A small boat ride to Arcos islands leaves you spellbound with the superb sea voyage.

+ Includes whale watching!

Whale Watching

The Big Game Tour

Enthrall yourself with a 3-hour all-inclusive whale watching tour with us. The boar tide across the ocean way of Humpback Whales brings you face to face with these spectacular sea creatures.

Whales are abundant in the Bay from December to March and it leaves you with awe to watch them tail splashing or jumping just a few meters away. Let’s add unforgettable moments in your life with Chica Locca tours.

+ All tours include whale watching!

Sunset charters

Enjoy The Last Rays With A Romantic Feel

Sail on our boat enjoying the setting sun on the horizon from the spacious lounge. Comfy amenities make sure you end up your day with a relaxing and spellbinding evening.

Overlooking the gorgeous bay and in the company of your beloved, sunset leaves an aura of an unrivaled romantic feel.

+ Includes whale watching!

Chica Little Cruise

Half-Day Bay Trip (Morning or Afternoon)

Let you find a few hours from your busy life and indulge in exploring enthralling natural scenery with a half-day tour in the Bay.

Designed to offer a quick getaway, our Chica Little Cruise takes you on a fun-filled sea trip. You have all the essential elements of a big trip, including boating, snorkeling, SUP, kayaking, rafting, and mat floating though for a limited time.

+ Includes whale watching!

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