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The Most Amazing Place To Enjoy Fun and Frolic in 2022!
Enjoy the adventure on
Sayulita, PV, Mita, Bucerias, La Cruz Mexico

The Prized Catch!

Smile your way to incredible fun amid the spectacular sea. Bask in good vibes, tantalize test buds with great food, groove to funky music enjoying free-flowing drinks on Private & Open tours.

Break The Jinx

Let the adventure of a different kind break the monotony of lockdown and overturn the despair brought by disruption. Embark on an exciting escapade to Mexico's stunning Bay of Banderas.

Private Tours

Enjoy the royal patronage, have a regal feel on Chico Locca private tours. Relish azure waters on your own boat with dedicated staff and plentiful space to soak in the sun, relax, dance, dine, drink, and make merry.

All Inclusive

Get on board and enjoy your day without any worries with our all-inclusive package. Breakfasts and smoothies to unlimited drinks, cocktails, and fresh ceviche, you have everything to savor on the ecstatic boat sailing trip.

Boatloads of Fun

Traverse through azure waters spotting whales, soaking in the sun, thriving in excitement, and grooving to the music on a sunset cruise with an open bar, awesome food, and wonderful natural backdrop.

Assured Safety

Complete arrangement to defeat the specter of COVID-19. All-around safety measures and ample provision of masks and sanitizers to ensure all guests and crew stay safe. Round-the-clock sanitization and anti-bacterial gel available everywhere.

Adventures All Day

The sailing trip brings you the best of beach holidays with extensive scope for snorkeling, kayaking, skiing, tubing, fishing, and floating. Let the adventure fill your imagination while dance and food thrill your vacation.

Meet Humpback Whales

A thrilling ride closer to the playful giant Humpback Whales unravels one of nature's most majestic creations from close angles. The crew takes you to the place, where you can experience a spectacular day of adventure in the company of majestic whales.

The Mask of Safety

They don’t have the Mask of Zorro, but surely ones that keep you COVID-safe. A mask during the trip coupled with astute care for hygiene keeps you risk free. Customized masks too enable an exhilarating view of sea urchins, manta rays, fishes, and underwater life.

Stay Clean & Clear

A true adventure trip needs you to rejuvenate your soul and clear your mind. The boat trip enables you to forgo the stress and strain of life while the sun and sea purify your senses as well as disinfect the body.

Embrace Eclectic Fun

It is fun all the way on board Chico Locca boat rides. The marvelous seascape, fantastic party ambiance, splendid waters around, and fantastic food keeps you positive, adoring, and amusing.

Get Happy & Hearty

The sailing trip takes your stress away and leaves you cheerful, happy, and with lots of smiles. It breaks the boredom thrust on you by the lockdown freeing your body and soul. You laugh your way to cleanse the lungs and boost immunity.

Enjoy Socially Distant Sunning!

It a trip extraordinaire! You share your day with dolphins, whales, and exotic sea heritage away from the grind of daily life. The courteous staff takes all care while you make fun and enjoy a laidback life on a boat steaming through the blue waves.

Kid Friendly

Welcome on board with your kids. The crew loves to be with you and look after your kids. We are well equipped to make it a perfect family trip with lots of memories for you with an assurance of perfect care for your little champs.

Breathe Fresh, Stay Strong

A trip away that breathes freshness into your life with free-wheeling fun. Get lively with the fresh air on the open seas and let your body have ample Vitamin D from unhindered sunshine.

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