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The Chica Boats of Fun & Frolic

Choose From Our Selection of Luxury, Fun-a-Holic, Romantic, & Adventurer Boats


Chica Fun Water Slides

Chica Fun-a-Holic: Fun For All

The 65 x 30 ft super stable trimaran welcomes you to its sun-soaked party surrounded by the blue waters. Decked with perfect amenities, the 2800-sq ft boat boasts a top-deck jumping board and two waterslides. Plush water toys, splash nets, and fishing gears make the sailing trip a pure fun on the sea. Enjoy the beautiful views of the bay, swing in a hammock, sit on bean bags enjoying the breeze sipping cocktails, enjoy the sunshine, or hit the dance floor. The trimaran can host 85 people on board for a sea party.

Chica 55 ft Yacht VIP

Chica VIP Yacht: The Regal Adventure

Let your sailing trip be a regal one with our exclusive Chica VIP Yacht. Spread over two levels, the 55 x 18 ft yacht comprises multiple lounge areas and customized bottom perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, tubing, and paddle boating. Luxury and comfort define a sailing trip onboard the yacht. Enjoy a fun-filled regal sailing with a deck massage, tease your senses with lip-smacking food and drink at the open bar, or groove to the music of favorite genres. Live like a king as the boat conquers waves and you step onto an extravagant indulgence.

Chica Sailing Adventure

Chica Romantics: The Fairy-Tale Sailing

Embark on a romantic sojourn amid waves and watching the setting sun on our charming catamaran cruise. The adoringly decked cruise spacious to handle up to 20 guests and flawlessly delightful for intimate sailing trips for 2-4 couples. Unravel the picturesque natural setting over the Bay as the boat sails through pleasant waves. Travel to Marietas Islands and Yelapa while blown away in the lovey-dovey ambiance marked by comfy cushions, pure privacy, an open bar, and awesome food and music. Let Chica Locca takes you to anywhere you want while romancing the sea and cuddling with your beloved.

New 100ft YATCH plus Classic & Racing Sailing Boats!

Chica Second Wind: Blue Water Sailboat

Looking for an exotic sailing experience? Go for Chica’s stunning Madera-wood sailboat and experience smooth sailing. Its long keel and canoe stern give a feel of the yore while you enjoy sun and sea from its teak deck. Shaded areas offer comfy sitting, an extraordinary sound system, and well-equipped amenities. Trained and talented crew ensures you enjoy a perfect day on this wooden beauty. Spend a day like a king!

Chica Mega Yacht: The Limousine of Sea

The luxury of a catamaran is for those who love to sail. Chica Locca introduces its latest Mega Yacht with overgenerous luxury for a pampered sailing experience. Impressive with its look, feel, and facilities, this 100 x 40 ft sea limousine is the way to embark on private excursions or host events. Prolific comfort and upscale service mark the day onboard this yacht of ultimate indulgence.

Chica Sailing Race Boat: The Classic Feel

Experience the thrill of racing a sailboat onboard 41-ft Alarife. Endowed with eminence thanks to its celebrated history, the latest addition to our fleet enables you to feel the speed of cruising over waves. Welcome to be part of racing and team-building events. The experienced crew is there to help you race across the vast sea off the Bay.

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