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Whale Watching All Inclusive Tour

Snorkeling & Whale Watching Chica Locca Tours

Private Boat Tour

Get ready for an experience of a lifetime! Come join Chica Locca Tours for a whale watching day trip, and have the best day of your life!

Whale season in Puerto Vallarta, runs from December through April; when the Bay of Banderas becomes home to hundreds of majestic Humpback Whales.

Watch in amazement as these gentle giants come to the surface to show off their spectacular display of breaching and leaping out of the water. Experiencing these amazing creatures up close and in the wild, is something you, your friends and your family will never forget.

The Bahia de Banderas is teaming with sea life. While cruising with us, not only will you see whales, you will often be able to spot dolphins, turtles and rays!

All our tours include snorkeling, and all the snorkeling gear is provided. Whether you choose to go on the Marietas Islands or the Yelapa Falls tours, both spots have some of the absolute best snorkeling in the bay.

As Always Everything Is All-Inclusive

All-Inclusive Private Boat Tours, Mexico

What that really means, on the seven hour full day tour, start with a continental breakfast. Lunch is tacos and fajitas with chicken, beef, rice, beans, tortillas and salsa. If anyone has any dietary restrictions, we can help with alternative options.

As well enjoy snacks, guacamole, potato chips and an unlimited open bar. Drinks include anything from: water, coffee, juice, smoothies, soda, Margaritas, Piña Coladas, beer, tequila, wine; whatever you can think of, whatever you choose to drink.

All Water Activities and Water Toys Are Included Too!

All-Inclusive Private Boat Tours, Mexico

Have fun in the water with: paddle boards, kayaks, fishing, snorkeling, whale watching (when in season), water tubing, splash nets, water mattress and endless fun!

Chica Limousine Of The Sea

Chica Limousine Of The Sea Private Tour

The Most Impressive Yacht In The Bay!

Chica Locca introduces its latest 100 x 40 ft Mega Yacht catamaran, with all the amenities for the most luxurious sailing experience. Its impressive size and stability is ideal for private excursions or hosting events. Many different configurations are possible, from open decks for large parties to sit down table and chair settings. For the comfort of our guests, the boat is equipped with 3 bathrooms. Relax on the comfy bean bags, pillows and cushions with plenty of sun or shade options available.

Also included at no additional charge is the exclusive service of a masseuse. Throughout the day, all of your friends can enjoy a relaxing massage. Join us onboard for the ultimate in luxury and superior service for an experience you will never forget.

ChicaFUN Waterslides

ChicaFUN Waterslides Private Boat Tours

The Most Popular Boat In The Bay!

Our Spectacular ChicaFUN Waterslides is a 65 x 30 ft super stable trimaran. This spacious boat has a lower and upper deck with plenty of shade or sun options. Complete with a top-deck jumping board and two waterslides, ChicaFUN is equipped with all the comforts and amenities anyone could want, including 4 bathrooms.

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